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I am a WordPress Designer. It is my favorite format to work in of all the website formats I use. Frankly, it offers the most flexibility and gives the user options… lots of options. In the long run a WordPress site is going to be less expensive than your typical Wix or Square type of website.

Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of clients that use Wix and Square. I do have to admit those types of sites have come a long way. I am more and more impressed with their ability to make optimizing your site for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) much easier.

However, my personal favorite is WordPress. It’s advantages are why I became a WordPress Designer. I had extensive training in SEO by some of the best! And you just can’t beat the options you get using WordPress.

Additionally, I offer my clients hosting for websites at a lower rate than you can typically find in the general marketplace. Your domain name and WordPress are included in that annual package. Otherwise, you are only paying me when I am designing or updating your site. I don’t charge my clients a monthly fee for their sites. If you are paying that way, you are wasting money!

Are you in the market for a WordPress site? Contact me. Let’s talk, I will answer your questions and we will create a plan to get your site up and running!

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Bertram, Texas
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