Website Hosting

Website Hosting is just one of the many services that I offer my clients. I provide my clients a discounted basic annual hosting package that includes one domain name. If you are paying for the number of visitors you have each month, or paying a monthly fee for your website, you are probably paying too much. Not to mention you are probably not getting a top tier service.

I invest in a private hosting platform specifically for my clients. It is how I can best protect my clients from the hackers and bots on the internet. In this day and age, online security cannot be taken lightly. There are too many people with too much time on their hands. Your website security is of the utmost importance. I can never stress that fact, enough.

Other Website Hosting Providers

Companies like Wix and Square charge a low monthly fee for website hosting. Then they will charge you an additional fee for upgraded services that help your site run more professionally. The fees are small and generally seem reasonable. However, when you add the cost over the year, you are often paying far more for the same or inferior hosting and site services. I find that most times, you will save money with a WordPress website.

The cost is so significant that I encourage you to pull out your invoices and add it up… the money you save is YOURS.

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