As a Videographer I am able to work on a wide variety of projects. It is one of my favorite things to do. Additionally, video is one of the quickest ways to get your message to the masses. In this digital age, EVERYONE shops online, memes are king, and anybody who is shopping most likely has a social site or two… YOU need a competitive advertising plan to keep the edge and it needs to include video.

Engaging Video Content

Creating top quality, engaging video advertising gets your message to more people in a shorter amount of time than other, less effective methods.

Finding a provider of quality, engaging video content to help you rise above competitors can be difficult. However, it is far from impossible. Don’t go at it alone! My extensive background in advertising has given me the tools to help you succeed in marketing your business or band. I provide video options for both internet and television, which include 1080 and 4K resolution.

Is a Videographer a Must?

No! The truth is, no. Phones capture 4K and 8K video, with a few tips, you can capture the video you need and save a big chunk of money. Having a videographer come and film for even a few hours, can be rather expensive.

Video editing is one of my most popular services. It is a great way to create engaging content that will help build your SEO. Contact me about your video project. I can assist with every phase of the video process, start-to-finish.

Below you will find examples of some of my work. Contact me today to begin creating your video. It also doesn’t hurt that video will get your content noticed quicker and easier than any other format available.

The path to success is just a conversation away. Let’s discuss your advertising goals and turn them into a reality.

Advertising Videos

The Music Business

I spent years in the music business in Austin and during this time, I found myself both in front of the camera and behind it.

It was the behind the camera stuff that really grabbed my attention. I watched many of Austin’s greats create masterpieces. They inspired me… and still do!

I love to work with musicians, their creativity and process is fascinating to watch. I come from a family of musicians and photographers, so you can see how the love of creating music videos was bred into me.

Below are some videos I have done with some fantastic Austin artists.

Let’s bring your music to life with a video. Contact me today!

Music Videos

Sports Videos

Political Videos

Daryl Eddings, Sr. District 6 Texas 2021 Special Election

Thanks so much for cruising my site. Contact me to discuss YOUR marketing goals. I can help you crush them!

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