Being a photographer in the Austin area is probably one of the best gigs you could ever have. I have been so fortunate to photograph so many amazing and talented people.

Actors, Artists, Authors… my days could not be more fun!

However, my photography work goes beyond talented artists. Product shots for your website, or band shots, and even video, I can assist.

Product Photos

Not only do I assist businesses with Advertising Videos, I assist them with photography for websites, signs, digital platforms, print, and video. Contact me if you need product or location photography for your business!

Music Photography

I so admire musicians, these people are truly blessed with talents most only dream of having. Music photography has been a large part of my career. It is always my pleasure to take photos and make music videos with these people… these artists.

My photography, very sharply, reminds me of how great my life is. Each photograph transports me back to the moment I took the picture. Some of the most fun I have is with my camera and a willing soul. I am able to look back and realize… I am having a hell of a journey!

Photographer Laura Gunn

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Bertram, Texas
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