Blog Service

Blog Service for your website is an added service I provide. In general, blog posts are a way to add new content to your website. They can be a very powerful tool in SEO if crafted properly. This is something my team and I specialize in, it is one of our most popular services.

Unless you have actual products on your website and update them, chances are that your website is not updated that much. Google frowns on that. Blogs are a great way to add new content, talk about important topics in your industry, and give your potential customers a peek behind the curtain. In short, they are good for your website and SEO.

My team consists of experienced writers that are focused on topics that are relevant to your business and will keep the reader engaged. Not to mention, draw traffic because the are optimized for search. Remember, the longer the visitor stays on your site, the happier Google is. That helps draw you more traffic.

Blogs that are poorly written and don’t follow best SEO practices, can actually harm your site more than help.

Contact me about our blog service, you will be glad you did!

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