A Spam Email for Spam Emails

Last month, we talked about how spam works in our modern digital age. We confronted the harsh reality that spam, like glitter, will never leave you fully alone. However, I mentioned a few ways you can reduce the amount that you have to deal with, and today I want to zone in on one: the spam-only email address!

If you remember my previous blog post (the one linked above), every time you enter your email address into a website, that site adds it to a huge list. On this list is everyone else who has put their email address into that site. Scammers buy these lists, and bombard the addresses with nonsense to find easy targets. Even hitting “Unsubscribe” can come with severely annoying consequences.

To get around this style of scammer, simply lean in!

Your first line of defense is a spam-only email address. This is the account that you’ll use for all your random website sign ups. If you play your cards right, this is where your spam should stay. One of the easiest places to create such an email address is Google!

Building a Spam Email

Simply create a new account, and make sure to put “spam” or “junk” or similar in the username. For example, mine could be LGMspam@gmail.com. That way I can see clearly it’s related to my business (LGM) but is designated as a spam trap. Now, I can use this to sign up for whatever I want, and I only have to see the mess it makes when I log in.

If you go this route, you may opt to, ironically, keep the spam filter low or off. That way, if you DO sign up for something legit, you can log in and find that Amazon gift card the internet promised you. Stranger things have happened.

All that’s left is to quit using your primary email address for all those Michael’s coupons! With your spam now neatly tucked away, you can go about your business with a significantly reduced spam load in your primary inbox. Enjoy the peace!

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